About Abigail

Abigail Crouch Acosta was awarded the degrees DipABRSM and L.R. in both Harp Performance and Harp Teaching… Abigail eagerly states, “The examination system has given me a profound sense of direction after years of just ‘playing at’ the harp. The breadth of repertoire, from Bach to Britten, has expanded my technical and musical knowledge in a directed, sequential manner. The value of having a unique credential in harp teaching, awarded by the oldest examining system in the world, gives my students and their families the assurance that I am qualified to teach students with the quality they deserve. I have my Grades 1 through 8 ABRSM Certificates with Distinction framed on the wall of my Harp School office, so that all my students can see that I did exactly what I am requiring that they do.”

Excerpt from The Harp School Newsletter