Abigail teaches in a goal oriented, holistic style. She loves working with people of all ages, starting as early as 4 years old. She considers the harp a wonderful first instrument, and has seen the smallest students understand difficult musical concepts.

A special facet of Abigail’s teaching is her interest in working with children on both sides of the learning spectrum. Those with mental and physical challenges are cheered to succeed as they conquer what may be to others commonplace. Children with high IQ and coordination skills are expected to utilize their abilities to their full potential. It is her goal to see each child while challenged to be the best they can be with the mind, will, and coordination and is considered delightfully unique.

Due to Covid-19, we are offering our introduction to harp class, the “Harp Quick Start” on an individual basis.  Harp lessons are offered both in person and online through options such as Facetime, Zoom and even Skype. Please contact Abigail Acosta as soon as possible to schedule your trial lesson!

Introducing two new classes!

Sight Reading at the Harp – A brand new class using the Angel Harp Sight Reading materials.

MusikGarten – A program designed to offer introductory music experience for the small child.

Upcoming Dates:

The new Semester began on January 4th! While the semester has started, there are a few spots still available. Email about scheduling your lessons today!

Noah Story! Presentation to be Scheduled privately Spring 2021

Christmas Lessons & Carols December 2020, at Legacy Bible Church and streamed online through Facebook.